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    Chrisa is a dance and fitness professional currently teaching in Toronto

    I don’t know about you but when I started Tango any of these three was messing with ALL the others.

    You get in position and you are feeling like a million dollars.
    Thinking: “I GOT this!”
    You start flexing, to take your first step and KABOOM!
    No balance! No posture!
    You are falling back, you are falling forward, you are falling all over!
    And then it is time to try again…

    So I used this drill to help me understand HOW balance, posture and flexion are connected.
    How can someone– through finding the proper alignment–move within the posture and manage to create flexion and movement without tension and challenges.

    Here is the video.

    Grab it! Its yours!

    I would to love to hear your comments, thoughts and questions!
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    Bill Irvine summed it up in these 3 points...

    Balance control

    Muscle control

    Timing control,

    going on to say " Lose any single one, and you will lose all 3 "
  3. Chrisa Assis

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    Exactly..! You lose one...and it is down- hill from there! hah

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