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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Egorich, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Egorich

    Egorich Active Member

    Hey dance folks!
    A review on Windy City is here, and hopefully some people will find it helpful for next year!

    Give some feedback and share the goodness :)
  2. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Awesome review! Very professional, thorough, and nicely edited.
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  3. dancelvr

    dancelvr Well-Known Member

    Wonderful! Beautifully done! I'd love to see each review you create, and I will recommend this to my non-DF dance friends. Great job!
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  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    having been to this comp this year I would also say; ACCURATE
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  5. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Ok, that was pretty cool!
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  6. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    well done!
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  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Best possible endorsement right there!
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  8. Egorich

    Egorich Active Member

    Thanks so much, you guys! Definitely was striving for accuracy and wanted to make as objective as possible.
    I appreciate your responses!
  9. flightco

    flightco Well-Known Member

    And I want to thank you for having a couple seconds of me and my pro on the video; what a fun surprise and thanks to Clumsy Fellow for pointing it out to me.
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  10. limni299

    limni299 Member

    I'm not in the US but thought that vid review was great.
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  11. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Good job, one thing I did notice - especially after all the talk of IOS7 motion sickness issues for the iPhone - was there were a couple of moments of shaky or zoom out moments that could make one feel a bit dizzy. But otherwise I enjoyed watching the clip!
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  12. Bailamosdance

    Bailamosdance Well-Known Member

    a few suggestions for things to include in your next review:

    hours for restaurant and room service in the hotel and perhaps a mention of the food. Is there a place to get coffee etc and the hours for that.

    taxi or shuttle from airport? Prices?

    warmup or practice area info (size of floor? wood or carpet?)

    Wifi in ballroom, etc? Free in rooms or just in lobby (I know you have already mentioned this but assure you that this is a big deal lol)
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  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member was the one comment I made in private as well
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  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    he did make some mention of practice floor
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  15. debmc

    debmc Well-Known Member

    I really liked the review. I liked the way it was put together, the editing, and the personality of the narrator. I know everyone will have their unique perspectives, but for me as a competitor I like hearing the distance and cost from airport to hotel, where the comp is located ( in the city, outside the city, walking distance to restaurants or in the middle of nowhere), and availability! The details of the hotel rooms doesn't interest me as much. Availability and location of a practice floor and size of the competition were good to know too!
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  16. Egorich

    Egorich Active Member

    Thanks for all the responses, guys. This was my first episode, thus I did have a lot of parts missing. It seems that a lot of folks do want to know the taxi fair. I will make sure to include that for the next review. (With the only problem that fares can be changed. But, I guess, I'll find the average.)
    Restaurants and food is a biggie!!! Will do better for the next review for sure:)
    flightco, I hope you didn't mind me putting you out there. You looked good!! :)
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  17. flightco

    flightco Well-Known Member

    Since this was my first comp, it made me feel good to see myself on your video. I am very glad you didn't use some of the video I have of me:mad:
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  18. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    LOL...well I have gotten out of a few comps in the evening session and went hungry til morning, that was NOT a good experience, especially after competing during the day. If I had known, I would have made sure to visit some place where I could buy food and store it in my room for after the evening session.
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  19. Egorich

    Egorich Active Member

    I hear you, as it happened to me so many times! Definitely will think to grab my camera to the next food place I find that works at night:)
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  20. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Oh, shush. You were great, especially for your first comp!
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