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    The second part is important ;) -
    - but yes, once i have committed to doing some enrosques and given up my base there is not much leading of subtleties going on anymore. And to be honest while it is possible to set every step of the giro i find it in general to be much less work not to (aside from the fact that the percentage of followers who are able to follow a giro where every step is set is not that large - the payoff for leading every step and taking the follower out of the giro they expect and are comfortable with is not that high. If the follower has clean technique then playing with variations of the expected patterns once in a while is fun - reversing the direction of the giro is usually fun, as is giro into ocho cortado and giro directly into cross, or giro-ocho-continue giro - but too much makes it no longer have the jolt of surprise when playing you get when playing with expectations.
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