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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by tangomaniac, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    I put all my music selections in an Excel file. Now after many years of dancing, I listen to each CD with my list as I read The New York Times. Now I'm learning the names and the orquestras that I hear at milongas.

    My overall favorite is Quejas de Bandeneon: Troilo 1958 (This is the version from The Tango Lesson.) I don't like any other version including any other Troilo version.

    My favorite Di Sarli is El Jaguel.

    What is you favorite overall or favorite orquestra.

    You can expand your answer to be favorite tango, vals, and milonga.
  2. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Yes, it´s El Ultimo Café by Stamponi (1964).

    My all-time favorite interpretation is by Silvana deLuigi, 1992 (pm for mp3),
    I also like the version of Orquesta Armando Pontier con Hugo del Carril, 1964,
    or of Orquesta Ernesto Baffa con Roberto Goyeneche
    or the composer himself, great Héctor Stamponi,
    I´m currently trying to take Nayla Danchuck, but she still is some inches ahead.
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  3. opendoor

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  4. NZ_Guy

    NZ_Guy Member

    I'm pretty rubbish with music and titles.. but Temo, Invierno and Poema are songs that I know I like.
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  5. jantango

    jantango Active Member

    That's commendable!

    I danced recently with someone for the first time. After the first tango, I didn't recognize the orquesta, so I asked if he knew it. He said, "I don't know the orquestas or the titles, I just dance." This surprised me coming from an Argentine who dances regularly. Then the next tune began, and I recognized it as Francisco Canaro's version of Recuerdos by Pugliese. I shared that with my partner who is only interested in dancing.

    I've paid attention to the music and learned to recognize the orquestas by their style. Why? Because the milongueros viejos in BsAs with whom I dance want to know if I know. It's important to them, so it's important to me.

    It's difficult to name a favorite tango. The first one that comes to mind is Indio Manso recorded by Carlos Di Sarli Orquesta.
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  6. Lilly_of_the_valley

    Lilly_of_the_valley Well-Known Member

    I have many favorite themes, on its own or by a specific orchestra. There is a number of records that make the hair on the back of my head rise, and I just absolutely want to dance. Among those:

    Duelo Criollo
    El Puntazo, Porque Razon by D'Arienzo
    El Yacare by Augostino-Vargas
    El Crimen by Calo or Tanturi
    and many more

    There is music that I just love, love, love, and it does not seem to change through the years. I cannot tell I have a favorite song or an orchestra, but when it starts playing, I often exclaim "this is my favorite orchestra!" It just feels good, it makes me happy to just hear that music, to be aware that such a beauty exists. Among those, many records by Pedro Lawrence, Miguel Calo, and Carlos di Sarli.
  7. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    I attended a milonga in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. The promoter does something I've never seen at a milonga. The names of the compositions and the orquesta in the tanda are projected onto a big screen. That's a good way to recognize the music. There's an old video of D'Arienzo conducting his conducting in the background, but after a while, you can see it doesn't match the music that's playing.
  8. Lilly_of_the_valley

    Lilly_of_the_valley Well-Known Member

    This program is very popular here on the West Coast. A lot of DJs have it.
    I recognize the music most of the time without it though. :)
  9. UKDancer

    UKDancer Well-Known Member

    An old version of iTunes used to have a feature called Coverflow, and if connected to a projector would display not only the name of the song and artists, but the album artwork scrolling in a queue, so you could see what was coming up too. Its a shame it was dropped.
  10. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    If you use "view menu, visual effects" in the current version there is a scrollbar on top. Clicking on the stack token will show the next titles in a queue. Clicking on the cover icon will show a lager picture of the current artwork. I´ve added all the shellac labels I could find, so every dancer should be able to read orquestra, singer, title and release date even from the dance floor. If you also have added genres to the title also the dance style (vals, salón, club, fantasía, canyengue..) can be shown.

    I´ve started to transfer my favorite tanda into a powerpoint presentation to add some more photos of the musicians, the composer, fashion photos, newspaper headlines, contemporary events, silent video clips a.s.o.
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  11. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Now I am hooked on Comparsa criolla by Ricardo Tanturi :dancingbanana:
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  12. rain_dog

    rain_dog Active Member

    Interestingly, that's the same song (or nearly the same) as Comme Il Faut.
  13. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    Favorite Laurenz is Amurado.
  14. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

  15. Jina Kim

    Jina Kim New Member

    My favorite band is Alejandro Ziegler Quarteto! Their performance was awesome!
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  16. Joy In Motion

    Joy In Motion Active Member

    I find that often times the reason a song stays with me and becomes a favorite is because I'll have an amazing dance experience to that song or watch a performance that just resonates me and the memory comes back every time I hear the song.

    Here are some of my favorites:
    by D'Arienzo: Humillacion, Santa Milonguita, Infamia, Que Dios Te Ayude, Mandria
    by Troilo: Tinta Roja, Farol (I also like the Pugliese version depending on my mood), Te Aconsejo Que Me Olvides
    by Tanturi: La Vida Es Corta, Pocas Palabras
    by Laurenz: No Me ExtraNa, Todo
    by Rodriguez: Que Lo Sepa El Mundo Entero
    Vals: Viejo Porton (Biagi), Mascarita (Laurenz), Aeroplano (D'Arienzo)
    Milongas: Por La Huella and Flor de Montserrat (both by Biagi), No Hay Tierra Como La Mia and Milonga Criolla (both by Canaro)
  17. A.Victor

    A.Victor Member

    I don't know the names of the many tango singer legends, but I love some of the songs so much.
    My favorite right now is "la bruja" interpreted by D'arienzo.
    What's yours?

    Let's put links too, so that everyone would listen to our song.
    I apparently can't put links until I have 10 posts.
  18. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    Good idea.
  19. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

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  20. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    Favorite Tanturi: Too many candidates. Impossible to choose.

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