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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by brujo, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. englezul

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    I read your blog. I only had time to read the post about the counting but hell yeah, alot of people have this vision of being 'naturally' talented. And something like learning goes against that notion of natural talent so they don't like the idea of counting, practicing or anything. They just let themselves 'feel the music' and shake their bodies from all their joints. Needless to say it doesn't look like art. It doesn't even look 'normal'.
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  2. Don Silver

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    In many activities, people with most natural talent don't become excellent, because so much is "easy" for them. In the beginning they are way above average and they get lots of positive feedback. When an area comes along that requires hard work, they are not used to working like that and they just move on to something else or they give up.

    World class athletes, musicians, dancers and other artists tend to combine natural talent with very hard work if they want to be excellent. Even the most talented can improve, if they put in the effort.

    I love Picasso’s quote: I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
  3. Catarina

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    I was reading through some of the pages of this thread from years ago (that's kinda crazy to think, that it's 3 years old now...) & a couple things relate to my dancing this weekend!

    The club I was at on Friday is predominantly on1...if I get even one on2 dance in, I consider myself lucky. I got up the guts to ask a great dancer to dance because I know he also dances on2. It was a super fun dance, he was friendly, I think I followed about as well as I can & then we parted ways. THEN, what a delightful suprise later on, when as I made my way off the floor, a total stranger made eye contact with me, and held up two fingers. I laughed and asked how he knew I danced on2? He said a friend told him.

    So, my post was sparked by some comments somewhere back on the third or fourth page of this thread talking about what a compliment it is when others are talking you up behind your back. It was so flattering and funny to me that some leads would be talking about me. Yeah, I know, I talk with my friends about the good leads, fun dancers, people I'd love to dance with, people I want to run away from, etc, but it's a cool compliment to be asked by a good dancer because his friend pointed me out. :cool:/:D

    For my East coast friends, I must say, it was a compliment made even cooler when the guy that danced with me told me what a nice dance it was, and then later said he was from NYC...woohoo. i got a compliment on mambo from a mambo dancer from NYC. it felt good :cool:
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    Yes, this really was a great read. I would add that I go to a studio that I really love because people are always so complimentary of each other. Whenever you go you don't see people talking bad about other people behind their back, or if it happens it is the exception not the rule. But because so many people are complementary of each other it creates a great atmosphere about the place. It's hard not to go home without a smile on your face.

    Well maybe it should go without saying, it should be said that your ability to make other people feel good about themselves says a lot about you.
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    From my perspective of what constitutes a very good dancer, I'd say 5-6 years is not enough. Having said that I've been dancing 10 years and I tend to look up to people who've been dancing at least that long. Very few dancers who are both naturally talented and train hard are actually very good after 5-6 years.
  6. Jag75

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    By "very good" I mean the level of someone like Adolfo or Terry or Magna or Oliver - just to put things into context...

    You can be a very competent dancer after 5-6 years but to be truly refined for the vast majority of us does take longer.
  7. JTh

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    That's often the best.. no words necessary... you can feel it and so can she.

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