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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Zhena, Nov 20, 2006.

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    Did you have to call a Vet, to get them removed ?:rolleyes:
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    No, I just had to open some cat food ...

    Actually there's no reason to remove them until you want to get up ... they are very warm and soft and comfortable when you're not feeling well. All three were on him ... two on his lap and one on his shoulders and everyone was happy ....
  3. tangotime

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    Just like me ( and all my kids ) Cat people:friend:
  4. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I posted here, so here's a quick update.

    Any ideas of substantive improvement in my dancing are on hold for a while. I still take classes seriously and try to integrate any new information that comes my way, but I’m not in search of new challenges. My life has become busier in the last year, and there are times when my first thought on learning I can’t make it to a dance event is, “oh good, maybe that will give me the time to take care of [insert random item from my to-do list].”

    But the reasons for dancing less aren’t limited to time constraints. Soon after our big anniversary party last May (perhaps as a result of preparation for it), DH developed plantar fasciitis. We managed to keep going to our WCS and Hungarian classes, but not much more. DH’s feet got better about September or October, but he started to complain of pain in his leg, so we continued our moderate schedule. We went to the two weekly classes, socials when DH felt up to it, and our usual annual dance events. In early December DH took a work-related class that required sitting in a classroom for 3 days. He woke up the morning of the third day with a terrible pain in his leg. He has a slipped disc / pinched nerve. He took 5 weeks of short-term disability in early 2013.

    To summarize, DH and I have been dancing less for about a year now. If my memory is correct, we haven't taken any private lessons since the lead-up to our party.

    DH is slowly improving and has returned to our two weekly classes plus socials of various types. We're not planning to take additional classes or private lessons until DH can stand up straight for a few hours at a time (he bends to one side when he's tired or in pain).

    I haven't been on DF much lately either. I suppose it’s partly because we’ve been dancing less, but it’s also partly because I got an iPad. It allows me to read DF while on the train to and from work, but it’s pretty useless for writing. Most of the time if I'm interested in responding to a post, someone else makes the point I want to make, or I lose interest before I get to a computer, or I just don't have the time. But I'm still checking in regularly. Maybe when life gets back to normal I'll start to post again. (Of course that raises the question of whether life will ever return to "normal".)
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    The only certainty is that life will change. Good luck to you and your husband. I am on an extended hiatus from dance as we deal with some health issues in the family, as well.
  6. fascination

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    zhena....thank you for the update...I have always found your posts interesting...I hope that your husband makes a decent recovery and that you are enjoying all of life's goodness on and off the dance floor
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    Ahem...*tap* *tap* *tap*...;)
  8. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    Hmmm ... I've actually been thinking what to say in my annual update, but (as usual) I need to edit it down so it's relatively readable and still makes sense. Soon ....
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    No problem. In fact I sort of wish I would write more, like you do. And then there are those annoying non partmer line dances that I like.
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    I just found this wonderful thread and read through the 6+ years of updates (and will be waiting for the next one). Zhena, thank you for the questions you raise and for the thought and effort you have put into your posts over the years.

    I know that for me, why I am dancing--and therefore my goals--change from time to time for various reasons. What always gives me a high is a good social dance, where a leader and I dance together fluidly and at a higher level that I thought we could. I also love the process of watching some new skill go from "Oh! Wow! That felt different!", to being able to hit it more frequently, to it gradually just becoming part of what I can do. I am in absolutely no way a natural dancer, so it is a long process from first glimmer to being a solid part of my dancing. Thankfully, I have very patient instructors. I'm primarily a ballroom dancer, but I have done WCS and love the atmosphere at WCS events. I also really wish there was a CW dancing venue within a reasonable distance of where I live--does that sort of count as folk dancing????

    Zhena, I am looking forward to your next update.
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  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    it is a great thread....and it becomes even more wonderful as I progress through my own dance journey from initial very modest goals, to ambitious goals and back the what is at the crux of why I is a gift to read how others have traversed similar territories
  12. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    I started this thread eight years ago!

    A lot has changed since then, but DH and I are still pursuing the "aaahh" of dance. It's just that we're not pursuing it very hard. Life gets in the way more often lately.

    Bottom line … we’re good enough for where we are right now.

    Our schedule is pretty much the same as in 2011: Hungarian/Transylvanian class on Tuesday and WCS class on Thursday, plus random socials or events as they come up.

    I now have a tool to measure my progress in WCS. About 2 years ago our WCS teacher started allowing students to video a summary at the end of each class. I’m the “demo dummy” because the other followers are less comfortable with being on video. I can look back at the older videos and see a hint of progress.

    Unfortunately, we’re losing interest in the ballroom events. We don’t have time for a regular ballroom class, so we’re not progressing. When we show up at a social once in a blue moon, only a few people recognize us. The gender balance tends to be weighted towards the female side, but I’ve lost my instinct for whom to ask for dances, so I end up dancing mostly with DH. He still doesn’t like asking women he doesn’t know, so we look like one of those couples that dance only with each other. We’d have to make an effort to change that perception … but it’s too much work at this point.

    Our local West Coast Swing events are more gender-balanced, plus there are some good female leaders. There’s also more of a culture of dancing with multiple partners, even people you don’t know. When we go to a WCS event, sometimes leaders are already waiting for me as I change my shoes. I may sit out 2 or 3 dances at a time, but eventually another partner shows up. DH knows more followers he’s comfortable asking and more followers ask him to dance even if they don’t know him. We feel a lot more welcome in WCS than in ballroom.

    As for our place in the local Hungarian/Transylvanian and folk dance scenes … if we don’t let someone know in advance when we’re not planning to attend something, we’re likely to get an inquiry or two as to what happened.

    Given the contrast between how we fit in the different dance cultures, it’s not surprising that we prefer ethnic and WCS to ballroom right now. We talk about getting back to ballroom when we retire in a few years and have more time and energy for dancing.

    I'm satisfied that dance will always be there for us in some form. It will be interesting to see what develops.
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  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thanks for the update
  14. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    Tastes and desires change.
  15. Zhena

    Zhena Well-Known Member

    I just realized I skipped all of 2015! Oh well, better late than never. Here's 2016:

    We still do Hungarian/Transylvanian on Tuesdays and WCS on Thursdays. We've added WCS on Wednesdays as well, and we usually do a private lesson before the group class. We became more regular on Wednesdays for WCS after we retired (yay!) last year. At that time we switched leader/follower roles for our private lessons and I was a leader for the intermediate WCS lesson on Thursdays for a while. But DH was out of commission because of his back for several months and I found it hard to maintain my leader skills without his help when I really prefer to be a follower. And the classes tend to be leader-heavy, so I'm not sure we'll go back to switching now that we know how hard it is to learn the other role. (DH never took the follower role in group classes because he's 6'3" and can be quite intimidating to beginner leaders of either gender, even through he's really a nice guy.)

    I'm still usually the "demo dummy" after the Thursday classes, and sometimes the Wednesday class if the regular "dummy" isn't there.

    I've stopped trying to get DH to ask other followers, but I keep an eye on who he dances with. Of course he won't turn anyone down if they ask. But when he asks someone else, he seems to choose the people he is comfortable talking to, without regard to how well they dance. He would much rather dance with an old friend who can no longer move at all than the best follower on the floor.

    We haven't gotten back into the ballroom scene despite being retired. It's amazing, but in some sense we don't feel like we have much more time that we used to. We don't tend to rush any more, and we get a lot more sleep, but we still seem to be too busy for the things we would rather not do at the moment, and ballroom is still low on the list (though it's still there).

    We're more heavily involved in the organizational aspects of the folk dance scene, and we attend various parties, but we still don't have a regular class where we can catch up on the latest trends (because the classes we would otherwise go to are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). So many dances, so little time. We still really love the variety of music and movement, and folk dance people make the best dance community, so it will be a part of our life for a long time to come.

    So ... we went to a WCS event a little while ago. A couple of months before it, I told our teacher I would like to work on my presentation because I never get noticed in competition. (The only competition we've ever entered is at this annual event ... we enter because we're there anyway for the workshops and parties and what the heck?) I said my goal was to get 2-3 "maybe" marks in the preliminary heat at the Novice level. (The prelims are scored essentially "yes", "maybe", or "no".) So, after she noted that I tended to be technically correct but boring, we worked on adding a little interest to my movement. At the competition, I not only met my goal, I got called back for the finals. And then ... I placed THIRD! Out of 19 followers entered! Several people mentioned they wished there had been a camera on me when the placement was announced. So now I have a registration number and some points in the WCS system. (Some credit is due to the leader I drew for the final round; he was nice enough to stick to fairly simple figures most of the time so I could concentrate on my form rather than figuring out some intricate combination I'd never seen before.)
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    I think it's too enough

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