1. Good evening!

    I am new to the world of dancing, and I am excited to have found the forums! My story could probably be summed up by my user name, in use from Careless Whisper. I think I have rhythm, I can at least find the beat to music, but that's where it ends, unless I'm bobbing along to my copy of Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine when driving, and that's where my dance skills come to a halt. I have been meaning to learn to dance, and I have been eying Latin dances after losing my heart in Cozumel, and there's something about them that look so full of life, energy and fun. What pushed me to join the forum was a night out with friends a few weeks ago, meeting my best friend's girlfriend. There was a point in the night when she wanted to dance, and he was being a bit of a downer (though he can dance fairly well) not wanting to take her to the dance floor. In my head I thought if I knew how to dance, I wouldn't have any hesitation going out there, but coming off of having an ingrown toenail remove, and a hike earlier in the day, I didn't, and my friend finally went with her. I then thought about my other friends who like to dance and how I would like to be join them on nights out. That's about the extent, I do have a passion to learn, and people I would like to share (dance) time with. So, I just wanted to drop on by and say hello!........while also asking a few questions.

    Financially, I'm sort of on the PBR and Ramen side of things, so lessons are not an option at the moment. However, there is a good selection of resources on the internet, however there are a lot of them, and as with anything on the Internet, I imagine that not all are great. I was wondering who/what websites you might recommend, especially for step diagrams that are easy to read, and also YouTube or video channels for watching.

    Secondly, and lastly, are there any dances in particular you would suggest for a beginner to learn first? Such as dance styles that are essential, ones that have transferable skills to other stules, or even those that are more commonly practiced?

    Have a wonderful day
  2. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like salsa might be a good fit, since you mentioned "Latin."
    You should look for a club that has a free, or pretty cheap covered by the cover charge, almost always beginner lesson before dancing starts.
    I know that's not what you asked for, but you'll meet people who are beginners like you if you actually go to a lesson.
  3. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    I'll second the recommendation for Salsa, with the caveat that people who aren't familiar don't always know what they are looking at... it may have been something like Lindy or West Coast Swing, which are also pretty popular at clubs in different areas. But the basic steps in Salsa are fairly easy to learn, so that might be a good place to start.

    Group classes are fairly cheap; $10 seems to be a standard price. A lot of dance clubs and places will have a group lesson on Friday or Saturday immediately followed by social dancing, and the $10 sometimes covers admission to both. You won't become an expert doing groups, but it's a good way to get started and get you on the floor. And most group classes "rotate" partners, which means you'll meet and practice with other dancers over the course of the class, so that you'll get to know some other people and get comfortable with partner dancing in general.

    Don't worry about the rhythm thing. Instructors will tell you how to count the music and point out what to listen for. If you stick to a certain genre like Salsa, you will pretty soon get familiar with the music and how it relates to the dance.
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  4. Hi Steve! Thank you for the warm welcome. Salsa sounds like a very good recommendation that is intermediate in difficulty. Merengue crossed my internet search first, and looked quite simple to learn. I remember watching an episode of NCIS: LA where one of the minor story plots took place at a salsa studio, Cuban style, but that was one of the more recent events to push me into learning some dance! I shall begin looking for studios for lessons (affordable) while in the meantime using the good old YouTube to get some basic basics down!

  5. Hi there Cornutt! Thank you for the warm welcome as well, and for the recommendation for salsa! Funny you mention swing, there is a winter swing themed dance going on towards new years that a few girls I know would like to go to, but probably have no one to go with. If the skills help make dance styles transferable, all the better!

    Ten bucks for a group class sounds pretty good, and the fact that you rotate out dance partners. Sounds like learning the style is almost like learning how to solve a math/science question, where there's no cut and dry single way to do it; it involves a fair deal of practice to become accustomed to, but taking it from different angles makes ones skills even sharper.

    Glad to hear that about rhythm. I can find the beat to any Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Metallica, and even now, Nine Inch Nails song, but when it comes to more instrumental or even electronic, it's easy to get lost!
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