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    Amazing - I as an intermediate lead calculate a few years to become a great lead! ;)

    Then I would assume that they simply passed the first tier and started with real learning in the second tier. Could you give some examples for such missions per tier?
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    You're an optimist. As one teacher said, in tango you're a beginner for the first 20 years.
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    That's about right. The first tier is designed for people who haven't really danced at all before. It has things like a mirror game to develop body awareness and introduce the concept of leader's intention. It has side-by-side walking. It introduces the concept of learning footwork by ending with a six-count box step in a practice hold.

    The theme of the second tier is ochos. It covers front ochos, back ochos, a simple parada, and ends with introducing the concept of improvisation and connecting movements together via a "tango sentence," Daniel Trenner-style.

    It's interesting that the curriculum doesn't introduce in-line walking until the 4th tier. The author argues that in-line walking takes so much balance and technique that students should develop some body awareness before attempting it. I have a few students who started learning tango in this learning lab. I'm interested to see how they handle walking compared to students who learn it in a first tango class.
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    I wonder which music you play during the lessons, how steady and loud and present.
    And who brings some kind of relation and musicality into the proceedings on the floor.
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    The music cycle has to last 15 minutes, so I've been doing 2 Canaro, 2 Calo, 1 electro tango, then a cortina for people to bring their attention back to the center. The electro tango lets people know to wrap up whatever concept they're working on.

    Musicality is probably the biggest weakness of this kind of teaching. I've been running traditional group lessons that focus on musicality in tandem with this peer to peer learning lab.
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