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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by AirColor, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. AirColor

    AirColor Member

    So I'm planning on starting a new dance scene from scratch. I'm thinking about doing instructor demos either before or after the lesson. Do you think these demonstrations would be helpful/inspiring to beginners? Or do you think they will intimidate and discourage new dancers from attempting to learn a dance that seems so exceptionally hard? Maybe there are specific ways you can dance to inspire learning but not necessarily to intimidate the beginners. (For context I'll be teaching zouk)
  2. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    I think that is a great idea. But I would encourage you the keep the demos very simple. Nothing high level. Just a nice clean showing of what the beginners can aspire to.
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  3. vit

    vit Active Member

    Demo on the end of salsa, wcs, zouk etc class is the norm in recent decade I think, so people film it with their cameras and phones. Or it wasn't the case on the zouk classes you were attending before you decided to start teaching ?
  4. AirColor

    AirColor Member

    Yeah but they’re usually shown to people who already are invested in those dances. I was afraid of intimidating a class full of complete beginners.
  5. vit

    vit Active Member

    Well, I was present on 2 or 3 (brazilian) zouk intro classes. They usually show basic step, lateral, yo-yo move and maybe boomerang, nothing scary even to complete beginners (ok, in case of my venue, those were people that did some salsa or maybe social ballroom previously). More advanced things with shaping and off-axis turns are in order after a few months of classes and demo is according to that ... depending of course on preferred style in particular area ... in my area it gradually died, dancing those few basic moves is not very interesting, while more interesting stuff is too demanding for most people
  6. AirColor

    AirColor Member

    Yeah it's a hard dance to spread.. Out of all social dances zouk (along with AT) is one of the most difficult to learn and requires the utmost care to not discourage beginners - hence my initial question. How do you build enthusiasm for a dance that seems too hard? There are probably way more things other than the demo that requires attention for this to succeed.
  7. vit

    vit Active Member

    Well, I don't teach dancing so I have no personal experience about that ... anyway, in my are it started so that a couple of salsa instructors, both previously danced BR latin, went abroad, learned some zouk and made a presentation among several salsa shows on local salsa congress. It was quite a surprise, they danced it relatively well and most of us saw how it looks like for the first time. So people got interested and they started with classes

    Anyway, most of their first students did some serious dancing in the past, I was their second season student and among us was even a guy that was country BR 10 dance winner about 10 years before, some danced jazz or hip hop ... we had several smaller local zouk congresses, even Adilio Porto came to one of them ... but unfortunately, kizomba eventually started dominating because it's much easier + it looks easier than it is ... some time we had mixed parties, but there was more and more music that was too fast for zouk and things got crowded because of plenty of kizomba dancers ... so eventually most of us stopped dancing zouk ... than last season I started dancing again and helping on some classes, because of lack of leaders, but it wasn't really fun to dance on those classes anymore because quality of those students was about 10 times lower than a few years ago when I started ... so I didn't continue this season ... I still dance it from time to time, if some of older generation dancers happen to come to some party but not frequently

    For the followers it's not easy, they are getting dizzy when they start learning things with shaping, like lateral with shaping that was usually taught first here, although from what I see on youtube clips, rarely danced anymore, doing off-axis turns and need several months at least to get used to it ... I was frequently asking myself what actually keeps them motivated ... it's really for younger people (at least followers)
  8. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    I think ( and do ) a very short demo of 2/3 basic steps at the beginning of a group for new students .

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