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Discussion in 'Videos' started by LadyLeader, Jul 15, 2015.

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  2. LadyLeader

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    Oj! that was fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Guillermina is the most wild follower and with Junior Cervila she was hovering in the air in many different ways! She has danced with several partners and I get a feeling that she has thick skin on her nose as they say in Sweden! Needed here I think.

    Video and live performances offer different experiences and for me the video way has taken over. During my video watching years the aspects video is good at have become important and I do not enjoy the live nights so much any more.
  3. Mladenac

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    He has a frame not an embrace.
    This is due his inability do adapt his dancing to the partner.
    I don't dance the same with all partners.
    He has the same moves/tecnhnique for 10 years.
    And he hits songs occasionally.
    Dancing to the partner and song are essentials of good social tango dancer.

    I am 188 cm tall, and I know what adaptibility to partners mean.
    There is my prefered height for partners with my frame and height
    But I cannot embrace every follower like that.
    So my dancing technique seems the same from the outside,
    but various adjustments from the inside.
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  4. oldtangoguy

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    Have you danced with him to know how he feels to his partner? If it is a rigid frame or an embrace?

    And you are sure that he doesn't make adjustments from the inside? Perhaps he too looks the same from the outside, but feels different for each partner.

    Finally, his dance seems to me to be rather classic salon style. This is not for me, but why are you complaining? He is elegant, smooth, and dances the musical phrasing. How is this bad?
  5. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    I haven't danced with him, but what I see from his performances problems when dancing with various dancers.
    He is not elegant nor smooth because the dance is continuously braking.
    He recognize musical phrasing but miss a lot other things from songs.
    And misses so much that I cannot connect song and his dancing which I can fortunately with some couples.

    Classic tango salon I like is from Amanda and Adrian Costa.
  6. oldtangoguy

    oldtangoguy Active Member

    I have to admit that I also like Amanda & Adrian Costa better than Javier Rodriguez, but, personally, I have never felt like being critical of someone, anyone, who dances far better than I, and Javier does so. That may not speak well to my dancing, but oh well.
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  7. Mladenac

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    I am analytical and critical.

    And some couples that I adore in certain parts of tango dancing are mediocre in other areas.
    I take what I like from them, and ignore the bad parts.
  8. koinzell

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    I now believe the comparison to be false because Javier truly has a unique style of dancing for different types of music, all of which I enjoy watching. You may have already noticed that every video of him dancing to staccato/rhythm tango is done in close embrace, no sweeps/ganchos/enrosques ever.
  9. LadyLeader

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    How about this then? :))

  10. JohnEm

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    I am constantly puzzled by the adulation for this kind
    of currently fashionable exaggerated dancing.

    It is tense, stiff and artificial. Both have the current fad
    of stuck out derrières, hers more than his, so little if any dissociation
    is possible: it's certainly not in evidence here.

    Javier seems to choose partners like this one.

    Both of them are rigidly stiff at the shoulders and arms thus locking
    their upper bodies, whilst lower down they have little lower core
    and no evidence of engaged pelvic floors. As tango dancers who dance
    and move like this seem to adopt this poor posture as their norm
    they may not even be able to find their pelvic floor, let alone engage it.

    Sticking out your butt by means of a tilted pelvis breaks the physical
    communication within your body, which is not good for a genuinely
    improvised dance step by step, which this of course is not. Maybe later
    in life, some of these dancers will find that they have to consistently
    exercise to eradicate the harm this is doing to their bodies, some of that
    being at a most fundamental level.
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  11. koinzell

    koinzell Active Member

    What dancer(s) represent your quintessential tango?
  12. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    Flippantly! My own!

    Less flippantly, I'm a social dancer with little interest
    in watching performances except on the academic level
    of noting either what is attracting people to dance tango
    or is being promoted by commercial teachers as tango.
    Little of it has much similarity to the social dance
    of Buenos Aires except at a superficial level.

    In that context, some of the performance videos which
    people like might be dismissed as bad dancing.

    Look at the videos on www.tangoandchaos.org
    for more clarification.

    There is little point in me repeatedly commenting
    but the exception is sometimes where I see positively
    harmful posturing being lauded as good dancing.

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  13. sixela

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    Forgive me for thinking that was just as flippant as the first paragraph.

    koinzell wazs asking who you thought were _good_ dancers (yourself excluded), and you answered by pointing out some of the vast host of people whose dancing you find execrable. That's not answering the question, now, is it?
  14. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    Forgive you, why would I do that? ;)

    I certainly did not describe anyone as execrable,
    in fact I named no-one.

    Since you insist, my main inspiration has always been
    Ricardo Vidort, the milonguero who in his later life had
    the most exposure. He spoke English and travelled teaching.
    His was also the most visually accessible milonguero style
    and with a technique clearly consistent with his objective -
    dancing the music. He is still remembered fondly in
    Buenos Aires by those who knew or learned from him.

    Thankfully he is woven into www.tangoandchaos.org.
    Here is a new compilation of videos which should at
    the very least demonstrate that, contrary to some claims,
    some milongueros certainly could dance.:
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  15. sixela

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    Thanks for answering the question :).

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