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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by pygmalion, May 15, 2004.

  1. Ailuene

    Ailuene Active Member

    Where did I say this? I have the utmost respect for solo dancers. I have been one for 10 years - I know what it's like. All I'm saying is that partner dancing is not necessarily easier than dancing alone. They're just hard in different ways. :) But then, this is also merely my opinion. Just thought I'd share. I'm sorry if that rubbed you the wrong way.

    Cheers to you as well, and welcome to DF!
  2. Luik

    Luik New Member

    Hi there.
    I discovered this forum just a short time ago, so I'll introduce myself.

    My partner and I dance in Europe, and we try to move around a bit (time & money permitting). We dance both the Int. standard and Latin, at the equivalent of the Champ level in national competitions, and we also do WDSF competitions. Our results are mixed: this year has been hard, as we feel we're in the middle of a "plateau" in standard, so we have recently taken some drastic decisions to "go back" in our programs and simplify a lot of stuff. We've been practicing like hell and we even did a show last weekend. It went well, so we'll stick to these changes.

    Latin's going well, as our teachers are mostly latin pros.

    I'll try to contribute every once in a while. I've been dancing for "some" years now (pls. don't ask what some means, as that will give you clues about my age ;)) and many of the experiencies you share here sound familiar to me (the "How're your practice/lessons going" is fun to read), so we'll see if our experiences are of use to anyone out there.

    Have fun!
  3. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

  4. Anir Londo

    Anir Londo New Member

    Hi guys o/

    I'm new here and thought of a li'l instructions of myself!

    First, I'm from Germany, that's why my english isn't verry well, so please don't be too hard^^' (corrections are welcomed!)
    I danced ballet and belly dance as a child and now since 2 years I have a li'l K-Pop group of four members. K-Pop is korean pop (don't know if you ever heard? It's quite unpopular yet). I searched for a good dance forums, because there are so less instructions how to handle different things in general dancing. So I'll ask a few questions in different threads and hope to get more intelligent :D
  5. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Anir Londo!
  6. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DF, Anir. You should find it as educational as it is entertaining. See you on the boards.
  7. BreeM

    BreeM New Member

    Hi guys,

    Just joined the forums and thought I'd say.
    So Hi.

    BreeM :)
  8. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DF. What areas of dance are you mainly focused on? Please review the guidelines. See you on the boards.
  9. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I'm new here... I'm not new to dance though.

    I started ballet when I was very young, but ended up stopping when I went to college. I ended up going to a ballroom club meeting about a month into my freshman year, and I've been hooked since. That was now 12 years ago.

    I've never instructed, and never intend to as I intend to keep this as just an amateur hobby for myself.

    Nice meeting you all!
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  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

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  11. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DF.
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  12. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Ditto; welcome to DF MaggieMoves! :)
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  13. Popandlocked

    Popandlocked New Member

    Hey. Names Connor. I am 19, living in the UK. As by my account name I do pop and lock as it's something that kinda grew from watch quite a few videos. After long I managed to knock people back when I dance. I never get tired of the surprised face. Anyway I started dance around age 14 but properly from 17.

    Anything else just ask :)
    Signed connor
    Ps yes that's a triforce from legend of Zelda games on my hat in the pic and yes that's me :3

    Have a nice day :)
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    welcome to df Connor
  15. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    I actually had to look up what pop and lock were. Am I getting old now?

    Anyway, I enjoy all types of dance! Welcome Conner!
  16. the_raven

    the_raven New Member

    Is this the introduction thread? I'm sorry, I just couldn't understand it properly...Anyway.

    My name's George, I'm from Chisinau, Moldova, I'm 22.
    I am a political science student, and I also 'sort of' study choreography (- 'sort of' because our school is pretty weak, and I can't find a better one as yet) and ballroom dancing.
    What else should I say? Ask me anything!
  17. Zaynab

    Zaynab New Member

    Just want to say hello to everyone. Newbie here. Looking forward to exploring the site and making some new friends. Love all types of dance. Really enjoy hip hop and salsa. Dying to learn how to ballroom dance. Have a total passion for Belly Dance.
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  18. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to DF Zaynab!
  19. Zaynab

    Zaynab New Member

    Thank you!
  20. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DF, Zaynab!

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