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    Keep in mind NDCA does not represent students. It is an association of dance teachers and companies. Therefore it's mission isn't to make things easier for students or Ams in pro-ams. When they do, it's nice an all, but pros pay membership fees to NDCA to advocate for them. The pros are the clients, not us.
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    Unless you pay dues to dance am am.
  3. Larinda McRaven

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    It is an association of Teaching Organizations and Dance related Companies. It is not an association of teachers (people)

    Actually no, pros do not pay membership fees to the NDCA. Organizations, like DVIDA and American Ballroom Company and PDF, are members and pay membership fees. Pros simply register so they have the privilege of working at NDCA registered events.

    It is like saying your car is a member of the DMV because you registered it when you bought it. Sounds weird right? Instead, you register with the DMV so you have the privilege of driving on the street.

    The NDCA does not represent pros. And pros are not the clients to NDCA. And if teachers want someone to advocate for them and have any vote at all they join Professional Dancers Federation (I am the VP) and we are their voice and vote.

    But you could say the NDCA has no representative member body for amateurs, and that would be a correct statement.
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    It could be said that the NDCA is a governing body for which students and teachers pay a form of tax if they wish to participate at dance at competitions. Fees charged by teachers are invariably passed on to students.

    Interestingly, some of the largest and most profitable competitions are owned by the same people who have the highest positions in the NDCA.

    Would be interesting to cover the process for which the officials are elected, or appointed and their term lengths. Maybe worthy of another thread.
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    Umm, students (as in pro-ams) don't have to register, but am-am couples do.

    Or at least that's what I recall from the last time I did an NDCA (down south if it matters).
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    Correct Loki. Still hasn't changed

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