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Discussion in 'Videos' started by tangomaniac, May 25, 2014.

  1. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    My former teacher sent me this link. "Old" is really old. You'll see Troilo in the film.

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  2. jantango

    jantango Active Member

    It's a fabulous collection of clips from movies. The one with Carlos Gardel is before June 1935. Anibal Troilo was in his 20s. July 11, 2014 is the Centennial celebration of Troilo's birthday.
  3. tangomaniac

    tangomaniac Active Member

    Since you mentioned Troilo, here is his tombstone.
  4. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Does 60s qualify as "old?"
    (If not, then I'm not. But then, of course I'm not.)

    ...from "Un guapo del '900," which I spotted this morning in Thompson's "...Art History..."
  5. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    And having just read "The Gods of Tango" set in Buenos Aires early in the 1900's...
    Watch the two men walking down the street at ~ 0:20


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