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  1. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    I can't believe with as many Brits as we have on here using words like whilst, spelt, aeroplane, and uni... that you guys aren't picking up on them faster.
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  2. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    He is saying that the problem that dancers encounter is not that they cannot "learn the information". It is rather that brains must slowly form the synapses that regulate the muscular memory and physical coordination to produce the movement. Learning "information about dancing" is NOT the same a training a body to acquire physical strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility to necessary to complete the action, ie. dance.

    I have students that can literally quote the training manuals, verbatim. But when they actually go to dance a reverse fallaway slip overspin to throw away ... they fall out of the movement and are off time. Not because they haven't learned that patterns, rise and fall, alignments, and timing. Rather they fall out of it because their muscles are not capable of producing the correct coordinations.

    Imagine telling the worlds fastest runner that if only he followed your method of "learning" that he would shave 1/10th of a second from his world record. Or try telling a dead lifter he could lift 40 kilos more... if only he learned how?

    We don't "learn" to dance. We "train our bodies" to dance. And that difference is immense.
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  3. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member


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