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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by oldtangoguy, Jun 13, 2017.

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    You can help us spread the word - Vos podés ayudarnos a difundir
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    Almost $5,000 in donations received. Half way through reaching our goal.
    Let's keep it up! :)
    Casi $5.000 en donaciones recibidas. A medio camino de alcanzar nuestro objetivo.
    Vamos por más! ;)

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    @oldtangoguy & others: The provided links to salas and PayPal are somehow strange!
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    Fabian maintains his site with Constant Contact, as do many commercial entities. When I click the link in the original post, I do end up at the appropriate sites. But, if you don't, or if you are concerned about security, you can also simply insert http://fabiansalas.com/copes/ into your browser.
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  5. newbie

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    "living off a miserable pension of less than $800 dollars per month"

    What's the average pension in Argentina?
  6. jantango

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    There is a letter from Juan Carlos Copes on the Salas donation page. Copes says he hasn't been able to work since August 2015, when he gave his last performance in Milan. I'm certain he was handsomely paid in Milan. I still have the contract I made with Juan Carlos Copes to teach and perform at my tango congress at Northwestern University 22 years ago. He was paid $3,000USD plus $150USD for private lessons during that week, and that was in 1995 with all travel, hotel, and food expenses paid by the Congress. A few years ago he performed at Tango Porteno in Buenos Aires, six performances each week. It was his regular work.

    Copes indicates that although he receives a pension of 10,000 pesos each month, he (like most Argentines) is suing the state for a monthly pension to which he feels he is entitled. These judgments take years to receive back payments. He has exhausted his savings and is reaching out to the tango community for help. This isn't easy for a proud man who has dedicated his life to tango. The site indicates that $7,000USD has been collected for him.

    He claims he is "living off a miserable pension of less than $800 dollars per month." Well, I receive about the same retirement amount from the USA, and I'd hardly call it "miserable." I'm grateful I am able to live very comfortably on it in Buenos Aires. I live in my small apartment in the city. Copes has a house in the province of Buenos Aires with more expenses.

    Copes is entitled to the free national health care plan for seniors (PAMI) including free prescriptions.

    Pago Jubilados y Pensionados: Junio 2017
    Haberes de Hasta $7266

    Jubilaciones Junio 2017:

    Jubilación Media: $10.2721,20 -- THIS IS AN AVERAGE MONTHLY RETIREMENT PAID AS OF JUNE 2017


    As of yesterday, the official dollar rate in Argentina was 15.70 pesos.
  7. oldtangoguy

    oldtangoguy Active Member

    I'm certain jantango is correct that an $800 pension is entirely adequate to live comfortably in a small apartment in the city, especially if you don't require any help with shopping or transportation or other services not covered by national health care, etc.

    However, I look at the value added to me by Copes and a small handful of others who helped revive tango and bring it into my life. For what it's worth, I believe that dance rockstars deserve to be paid like music rockstars, which of course they are not.

    I should warn you that I am the weird guy who has on occasion sent money, and on at least one occasion an amount greater than my monthly pension, off to tango dancers I have never studied with and don't know personally, but dancers I have watched on the internet or on DVD who have inspired me and my partner to dance and continue learning. To put this in perspective, I recently sent Bill Gates his share of $300 for M$Office, but value my dance far more than I do some piece of cr@p software. I also suspect that there is no tango dancer with the net worth of Bill Gates.

    Call me stupid, but there you have it.
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    One nice thing with having money is that you can spend it as you see fit.

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    True. And one nice thing about being old, retired, and living a simple life with a 20 year old car, very small but paid-off house, a vegetable garden which provides most food and a rifle and hunting license which provides the rest, is that even living on Social Security, one can be rich. ;)
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