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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by opendoor, May 6, 2012.

  1. newbie

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    My vote goes to d'Arienzo-Ramos, though the weird acoustics of the performance room make it sound a bit different.
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    Can you identify the orchestra & singer for this version of Recien

  3. That was an interesting challenge. I was fairly sure early on the singer was Alberto Podesta, and going from there I finally found this video on youtube:

    The track starts at 21:45 and the video states it is Orquesta Alberto di Paulo with Podesta. I couldn't find any confirmation as Recien isn't listed in the Di Paulo discographies I found except for a version with Nelly Omar.
    I'd welcome any confirmation or further findings.
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  4. opendoor

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    Podestá recorded in 1959 under the sello of DiscoModa with the Orchestra "Los Caballeros del Tango". Couldn't figure out yet, if these recordings were released as singles or as an LP.
    Andreas from Hamburg, Germany

    1 EL ABROJITO (tango) 23.05.1959
    2 LA VIEJA SERENATA (vals) 23.05.1959
    3 SI SE SALVA EL PIBE (tango) 23.05.1959
    4 TRAPITOS (milonga) 23.05.1959
    5 RECIEN (tango) 23.05.1959
    6 LO QUE VOS TE MERECES (tango) 23.05.1959
    7 BAILEMOS (tango) 23.05.1959
    8 REGRESA (zamba) 23.05.1959
    9 UNO (tango) 23.05.1959
    10 CUANDO ME ENTRES A FALLAR (tango) 23.05.1959
    11 ANSIEDAD (vals) 23.05.1959
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  5. I came across that one when I was digging around, but I'm pretty sure it's not the one tangobro is looking for. You can listen to it on Amazon (or itunes). There's a CD apparently, and here's a link to the digital version on Amazon:

  6. tangobro

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    @ Andreas Wichter - thanks for the verification of the singer & many thanks for link to the vid - it's added to my Favorites.

    @ opendoor thanks for the additional info.
  7. opendoor

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    The said track is garnished by two covers by di Paulo. But neither of these albums contains it. So I finally asked Cantando. His answer (yesterday) is.. "the record of the tango Recien by Alberto Podesta is not with Di Paulo director, it`s with the Pedro Laurenz's Orchestra, you can find this song in many compilations from Pedro Laurenz.." . This leaves me confused again.

    Also all that strings in tangobro´s version make me wonder. That doesn't sound like an bandoneonist`s production (di Paulo as well as Laurenz were bandoneonists). And speaking frankly, the piano reminds me of Maderna?
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    Do you know the orchestra & title?

  9. opendoor

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    Sounds a little bit like a live band. Have you checked the Studio Triangulo homepage?
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    It is, of course, Loca, in a version darn close in style to D'Arienzo's later one (and the one played by his orchestra after his death under the direction of Lazzari) -- except for the beginning. Wouldn't suprise me if it were a live version played by the orquestra "La D'Arienzo".
  11. sixela

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    Compare e.g. with

    But of course there's none of that un-d'Arienzo intro in this one.
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    nevermind, it's in the video comments
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    Sounds like Corrales Viejos, but don't ask me what version that is -- the audio is a bit too cavernous. I'd say the version of the Daniel Binelli Sexteto, if I had to wager a guess.
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    Ryota Komatsu - La Trampera. It's the first piece from the album with the same name, released in 2001.
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    Anyone can ID this song? Thanks

  19. opendoor

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    It´s Café Domínguez. For traditional milongas I use the version of 1955 with Julián Centeya speaking the verses (glosa.

    And welcome to DF !!
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    Hello, does anyone know the name of this funky milonga? /watch?v=0oQg2ZbzNKI

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