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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by opendoor, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. opendoor

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    The technique of projection comes from the martial arts and means to direct the energy to a certain point. It is the basic technique of leading in tango, it means to direct the free leg (your own and the follower's leg) into a certain direction. Leg extension is important, also the prolonging of the final weight transfer. Projection works in close embrace tango as well as in totally open dance forms. I think the following blog sums it up precisely.


  2. JohnEm

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    I disagree (of course!).

    I have always had doubts about martial arts analogies
    being useful in tango.

    Martial arts are about grounding to the point of anchoring with both feet,
    tango is about grounding one foot for balance in movement.
    Martial arts comprise two people separated in opposition and competition,
    tango is two people in an embrace and co-operation. They are opposites.

    This is not to say that martial arts exponents cannot dance,
    indeed because they use their bodies in such a physical way,
    new to tango they can have an in-built advantage over other
    non-dancers but not necessarily over people who already dance.

    You talk of prolonging the weight transfer, I aim for a delayed
    weight transfer but as immediate as possible.
    We are at opposite ends of the tango spectrum.
    For me, tangoforge has little relevance.
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  3. opendoor

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    Thanks, John, that mistake is due to my inadequate english!
  4. itwillhappen

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    Most teacher I had told this. Together with suggesting some resistance of the follower as long as she's not ready yet.
    So I try to show an intention from my shoulders and less from my core at least if I start from zero.
  5. itwillhappen

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    Looking around at tangoforge I see that she proposes even a "second projection". For me that's a bit exaggerated and might be applicable to and useful for slow nuevo moves only.
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  6. TomTango

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    I like what the article says about projection except when it comes to what muscles to use. It says to extend the leg with the psoas, but as I understand it, the psoas is responsible for bringing the thigh in front of yourself (flexion) and wouldn't be recruited for extension. It says to keep the muscles in your leg relaxed at all times, but I'd think the glutes and quads would need to work to get a nice straight leg.
  7. opendoor

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    I do agree, I think the psoas is for the core stability and protects the lower spine.

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