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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Someday, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Someday

    Someday Member

    I'd like to find some music suitable for Tango which has sitar and/or tabla. There are a number of Asian Indian tango dancers in our community and besides the fact that I enjoy these instruments, I think it would be a nice recognition of their participation in the dance.

    In my pursuit, I have gone so far as to write to a Tango club in Dehli as to whether they know of any such music. Sadly, they responded that they were unaware of any such music. Note, that there is an opportunity just awaiting someone with the right set of skills.

    The only Tango music I have found which has tabla overlayed or dubbed is in the track Leonel el Feo, by Daniel Melingo here:

    at 1m 45s.

  2. TomTango

    TomTango Active Member

    I have an Indian alt tanda I play sometimes. The tanda is:
    Kidda by Natacha Atlas
    Adir Adirim
    Ali Maula from Kurbaan (2009)
  3. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Would be interesting if they can appreciate your apporach. By chance they are not amused, bored, or offended. Some may have fled their culture, some are still deep into it.
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  4. NZ_Guy

    NZ_Guy Member

    First one is Arabic. Second one sounds Hebrew. Neither are languages I'd associate with India...
  5. Someday

    Someday Member

    Adir Adirim and Ali Maula I'll include on my playlist. So, I was doing a search on 'Hindi Tango' and stumbled across this very pretty song by Hindi Zahra called Beautiful Tango. It's in the Blues genre (not Indian) but it's a sensual and Tango specific song.
  6. Stephanie Bolton

    Stephanie Bolton New Member

    I think the idea is lovely and the results of such a song or tanda would be beautiful and dynamic. I have a cd that has a lot of Oriental Tangos on it (Turkish, Arabic, Israeli, Greek) so some include the tabla element but not specifically Indian rhythms. You might check sound cloud and possibly suggest to either someone creating lounge Indian or Tango music, your idea. The only other thing that comes to mind… it is not the sound you crave, however you might just enjoy this music by an Indian artist who grew up Paris, Rupa and the April Fishes… she sings some very beautiful, fun songs, some of which are tango pieces.
  7. Stephanie Bolton

    Stephanie Bolton New Member

    I tried looking up "Bollywood tango" & found this:

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