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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Maryg, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Maryg

    Maryg New Member


    As I mentioned in other posts I'm new to tango. I love so much about this dance including the shoes. I bought a pair of Madam Pivot tango shoes and when I received them I thought I was in heaven. They are stunning, fit like a glove and the quality is very high. Buying over the internet I found the communication with the company was excellent. I wanted another pair and decided to try Odile although I was hesitant because I knew I had a good thing with Madam Pivot. My Odile shoes just arrived and they are a far cry from the quality and beauty of Madam Pivot. They're OK but it's not a close call - Madam Pivot is the way to go at least for me.

    In case anyone is considering buying from either of these brands that's my experience. The only other company I'll try eventually is Turquoise.
  2. Oliver

    Oliver Member

    I have a pair of men's Turquoise shoes that I am very happy with.
  3. Maryg

    Maryg New Member

    Odile is going to replace the shoes with a different style. I'll update when I get my new shoes.
  4. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

    The luck of the beginner. Buying tango shoes online is a gamble.
  5. Maryg

    Maryg New Member

    Lucky...yes. I have 3 pairs, the first "Nada Mas" are very good quality but were too narrow. They have since stretched out and fit fine now. The second pair "Madam Pivot", just amazing. The third pair and most expensive "Odile", are not at all in the same class quality wise as the other two Italian made shoes and they are too large. All three pairs were a size 39, standard width and the Nada Mas and Odile shoe have a 7cm heel that are noticeably different in height. The Italian heel is higher. I read somewhere that Italian shoes have higher heels than the measurements indicate.

    All three online vendors were very prompt in communicating and Odile is standing by their policy of replacing the shoes one time for size. They are also allowing me to change the style as I was unhappy about the look of the shoe. I hope the replacement will be an improvement but I'm guessing it still won't be an Italian level quality.
  6. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

    Hi, I have purchased three pairs of men's shoes from Monsieur Pivot (Madame's male sidekick) and I love them. They are very comfortable, very well made, and look great. I've also had good luck with shoes from Werner Kern, which are also well made and comfortable but a bit more expensive (Kern's shoes are also made in Italy). I like both but have come to prefer the look of the Madame Pivot shoe. I only buy their Derby model.

    I can't speak to the women's shoes but they look great and if they're anything like the men's line, they are well made, too.

    PS. I purchased all my Pivot shoes online.

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