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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Wolfie, Feb 17, 2017.

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    The first thing that comes to mind as far as another dance would be, "This would make a great quickstep." Did you want a "similarly light" Viennese waltz for a showcase? My top choice would be "Real Live Girl" by Barry Manilow.
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    My partner and I used "Real Live Girl" For a showcase. A lot of fun. We did it as a "Mannequin come to life" theme.
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    Don't let this hold you back from taking this beautiful song, Wolfie. I only gave it a quick listen, but Red Balloon will be 100% compatible with your dance vocabulary.
    It belongs to a sub genre of waltz called "valse impair" (damaged waltz). Damaged because the sequence is interrupted by (even) double time measures:
    There is a part A in regular 3/4 time, changing to something like 3/4 - 3/4 - 2/4 - 2/4 - 3/4 - 3/4 and so on.
    You do not need to change the style! It's all waltz (...of course not that standardized, repetitive international variant). Viennese Waltz traditionally has parts with different speed or with different rhythm (called coda). You should open the hold when part B starts, holding hands and doing some of those rather traditional waltz figures and sways.
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    Not for me. Music that is "difficult to interpret" often turns out to be more problem than pleasure when preparing a showcase. When choosing a musical score, one of my priorities is "ease of dance interpretation." Still, OP Wolfie has stated that she loves this song. For her, the juice may be worth the squeeze.
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    Grow with your challenges, or...
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    So the choruses are both 8 beat bars. The first one is accented oddly, 3-3-2, but it's still 8 beats. You could dance foxtrot in those sections.

    I would end the routine at the point where the tempo slows down and stops, at about 2:30. That's as long as you want a VW to be anyhow, especially one at a rather sprightly tempo like this one.
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    My teacher and I have chosen a "difficult song" for our upcoming showcase paso doble: "Fran and Scott's Paso." What makes this "a monster" is that it's 3/4 time! For me. it's like trying to fit square pegs into triangular holes. Never my first choice. But due to teacher prompting, I'm going for it anyway. We are going to make it work.
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    NOT US. But a nice light show!

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