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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by TomTango, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. sixela

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    About not leaving distracting objects in the foreground of the shots. But then, you were obviously not the person holding the camera and responsible for the framing ;-).
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    I like to give compliement, with appropriate inspiration. :cool:
    Something tells me that she might do the inverse actions with the shoes. ;)

    In my experience there is connection between the embrace and musicality.
    And I don't mean about close vs open embrace here.

    Musicality give us energy and timing and if we don't adjust some unclear situations might happen. ;)
  3. thdanh90

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    Hey Tommy, your friendly runner up here.
    I am studying Alexander's technique right now and your observation is acutely correct. In his book "The Use of Self", he wrote:
    "The belief is very generally held that if only we are told what to do in order to correct a wrong way of doing something, we can do it, and that if we feel we are doing it, all is well. All my
    experience, however, goes to show that this belief is a delusion.
  4. itwillhappen

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    This thread shows me my personal development.
    A year ago I thought that reviewing videos of myself is essential to get better - striving to dance well at a milonga.
    Nowadays I do not care much about that - I'm quite happy that I'm not obligated by teaching or performances to dance "correctly".

    It's nice to learn new stuff from time to time, but I'm not a hurry, not under pressure.
    Practicing proper posture and walk is daily routine while waiting, walking, shopping - it gets only applied while dancing.
    Feedback of teachers how it works and partners how it feels is always welcome, but at the end I will dance how I like to do...
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