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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by DanceMentor, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    There was a woman today talking about how she went to use a piece of workout equipment at the gym and a man comes over and tells her that he still using it and that she needs to get off. Apparently it was the third time this happened and she went to the front desk to complain and then the man had the nerve to follow her to the front desk and explain that she was in the wrong.

    Then of course there are the wandering eyes, flirting, grunting noises, and so forth.

    Women, how do you cope?
  2. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    Headphones and avoiding eye contact.

    Plus staying out of chain gyms and finding those not-posh, geared to performance ones off the beaten track with minimal machines and mirrors. They used to be intimidating, but now I love them... even if I am known as "the dancer"
  3. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    Headphones & avoiding eye contact doesn't help though if they notice you in the same place a few times. Since I have so much time in the dance studio, my gym times are completely randomized so it avoids the typical stalker types. I go to a big chain gym as well and have been bothered a few times... typically the men that are just there to loiter and stare into the mirror. I usually avoid the entire weight area of the gym when it's filled with that - I'll stick with my own yoga or pilates exercises which they stay far away from.
  4. sbrnsmith

    sbrnsmith Well-Known Member

    Having a trainer helps. She always knows what's going on. I'm usually so focused on my workout that I miss the extra grunting noises from the guys, as well as any other annoying habits
  5. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Avoid eye contact and stay to myself. Going at times when it's only the regular clientele helps, too. If I ask one of them about whether or not they are using a piece of equipment, they are gracious about it.

    I have had the territoriality situation with a machine come up a couple of times, and I didn't handle it well. Once I complained to the front desk, and they said they would back me up if it happened again.
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  6. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Ok, FancyFeet, are you sure you are not me? because yo, i am the same way. The boxing gym i am at has little in the way of niceties but is still amazing.
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  7. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    Lol. I go to an Oly lifting gym... in an old warehouse. It's awesome, once I got over the intimidation factor :)
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  8. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    Oddly enough those places that look intimidating are hardly that at all. I had an ex work out at a similar gym... everyone is so into perfecting their own routine that they don't care what you're doing.
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  9. twnkltoz

    twnkltoz Well-Known Member

    Eh it doesn't bother me. I'm not the sort of girl guys hit on, especially gym guys. I go to a big chain, but during the day so maybe that makes a difference. Maybe the RBF helps haha.
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  10. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    I don't even notice other people when I'm training...thats coz I'm getting my azz kicked
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  11. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Although, honestly, @DanceMentor , I would assume most women deal with it in the same we deal with that everywhere. Because it happens everywhere. Gym, coffee shop, work, randomly on the street. My suggestion to men that think it's awful: Speak up when you see men doing it. Because it's been shown time and time again that when women speak up, it goes negatively for us, but when men speak up, other men tend to listen. It doesn't mean I don't speak up, I do, but the consequences are less for guys.
  12. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    I guess I have used the gym at different times in my life but I tend to stay away from gyms. I think it may partially be due to this sort of exercise not exciting me. I would just rather dance. I also prefer things like yoga where you use your own body weight. And if I'm going to run, I would rather run outside.

    So I just heard the story and I imagined that things like this to happen, but I haven't been in a position to interject in a situation like this myself. I would like to think that I would if I saw something I like this happening.
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  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I think every woman handles this differently and I think there are several issues here which are distinct in how one handles them...

    if the woman is a young she may have greater difficulty standing up for herself...if the guys is one of those hulking goons who thinks he owns the place because he outsizes everyone, that can be scarey for some folks...

    personally, I think her biggest mistake was getting off the machine...the response should have been "I am sorry but you weren't on it and they aren't reserved, I will be done in @16 minutes" (and that is only if it is a cardio machine...if it is a cybex machine, the amount of time it takes to complete a muscle group is far less).

    as to other types of discomfort, women who get leered at a great deal do tend to stay out of the weight room as they will often be outnumbered by men in there and some women feel conspicuous ...personally, I am well past that, and don't really care whether guys are in the room or not, MOST of them know how to be civil human beings...
  14. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    Ja! Take your puny girley muscles to da yoga room.
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  15. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    How do I cope? Exactly like Fascination explained. However, that said, my father (military and police) always worked out at home and the academy while I was growing up. I didn't know any different, other than stating that the "machine" or contraption does not have a reservation on it and I'll done, etc etc.
    That said, what truly irritates me, while on theadmill or such,,,,the incredible foul language used by the gents on their cell phones. To the point of either me moving to the farthest point of the gym or tapping the guy with the earphones going - and asking him to please stop the language, not everyone accepts it.
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    Clearly we have not met:cool:
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  17. ralf

    ralf Active Member

    I think Loki was channelling Hans und Franz from the old SNL skit.
  18. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    Not formally.
  19. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Just saw this, too funny. Just because a woman does yoga doesn't mean she has puny muscles. :eek::D:p
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