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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by itwillhappen, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. itwillhappen

    itwillhappen Active Member

    That impressive website about the history of tango seems to be down. More precise the domain points to something else - the domain has expired end of February. Does anybody know something about it?
  2. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    I'm not really surprised, sadly.
    Five years ago I wrote to Rick McGarrey
    partly about the possibility of this very issue.

    Alejandra replied very politely yet non-commitedly.
    As far as I know they haven't been seen in BA tango
    for many years. Someone else may know differently
    or at least have more information.

    As a result, eventually I used a web archiver to back up
    all of it although it failed to save the video because they
    were stored on a completely different host and run with
    some Shockwave Flash link code on each page. I have
    all of those saved now too, never intending to share them
    except in this kind of emergency. Only a very limited
    number of graphics are missing but it would need some
    work to fully reconstruct the site.

    Meanwhile you can find the site archived on the Wayback
    Machine although the video is missing again. I may look
    there to see if I can find the missing graphics
    although I suspect they will also be missing.

    Much of the video can be found on YouTube, from a search
    for tangoandchaos. For instance:

    Once I had in mind to write a commentary blog referring and
    relating to TangoAndChaos in a effort to clarify and rectify some
    of the confusing errors which had become rather obvious to me.
    It never happened for a number of now irrelevant reasons.
  3. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Just a thought...

    One of the reasons I kept coming back to DF was the stability of the site. It would take a lot of effort to set up a tango and chaos thread here, but it would be a great community service.
    I know how time consuming it is to work with the Wayback machine, and there might be a copyright issue...

    just a thought
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  4. Reuven Thetanguero

    Reuven Thetanguero Active Member

    For those that are not familiar with, there is another site - http://www.todotango.com/english/ - with a lot of info about Tango music and everything else. I am not familiar with tangoandchaos.org but from the description above it seems to have some overlapping information.
  5. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

    That's terrible news. I have linked to T&C several times from my own blog. It's one of my favorite tango blogs. So much useful information and so well put together.
  6. koinzell

    koinzell Active Member

  7. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    So I take it this was one of the leading sites about Argentine Tango for a number of years. But then after some time they were not maintaining as well as they did in the past, and then maybe it started to drop off.
  8. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

  9. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

    It's still one of the leading site about Argentine Tango and always will be. It really is invaluable from both a historical and pedagogical point of view. We should take up a collection for Rick to put it back online. You can register the domain for very little.
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  10. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    No, that's not really an accurate summary.
    What started as a collection of the long posts by Rick McGarrey
    to the Tango-L mailing list describing his experiences in Buenos
    Aires (including the deadly anarchic December 2001 financial crisis,
    also briefly experienced by a non-tango friend of mine) continued
    into an extensive description of the social dance of central BsAs
    with selected music and lyric translations. It is indeed the only
    extensive and relatively accurate resource I have ever found.

    It has unfortunately not been updated nor added to since 2008/9.
    Nevertheless its value remained both as a record of a unique way
    of connected partner dancing and not just to tango music.
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  11. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    I have some expertise in this area with Reviving sites. It would require or at least be helpful to have the permission of the original owner. And then we could assess the cost of restoring it, and maybe even making it mobile-friendly. Possibly other people may want to do this rather than myself but just a suggestion that I would know what to do.
  12. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    I haven't had the moment today to respond to Steve Pastor's post.

    While I agree that an attempt could be made to resurrect the site,
    it may just be an oversight that the domain registration has expired.
    Bear in mind that presumably it is not being monitored by the authors
    any more and it has disappeared briefly before. Probably there are also
    ongoing hosting costs for the site and maybe its remote video file storage.
  13. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the constructive suggestion.
    I will write to Alejandra (Rick's wife whom he met
    during his first trip to BA in 2001), assuming of course
    that the email address is still valid!
  14. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    I think I'm more in favour of resurrecting the site as is
    than trying to convert it into a forum thread - and is that
    really practical? Copyright may not actually be a problem
    since Rick in the past publicly on the site willingly and
    readily agreed to a far eastern (I think) request to translate
    the site and repost it. I've no idea if anything came of it.
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  15. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    The domain registration was just renewed on Feb 28, 2017 and expires on the same date next year. I have to wonder seeing that it was just renewed if maybe he still has some plans to revive it. The person who controls the domain is an mcgarrey (put that at symbol right here, and then think about getting your internet at) Cox.net
  16. itwillhappen

    itwillhappen Active Member

    Maybe that the domain registrar itself kept the domain registered to prevent quickly domain grabbing and to give his customer a chance to respond...
  17. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    Thanks for being more thorough than me!

    However this promoted some more thoughts
    and a Whois search indicates that it was autoRenewed
    for 12 months, perhaps by the site host. But the
    placeholder pages offering the site for purchase
    remain "on air" as it were. Source code reveals
    a clue that the site may be hosted by cloudfront.net,
    an Amazon owned web service.

    So not knowing, yet remembering what happened
    when a dormant domain name of mine expired,
    still wondering, here is what I found:

    The key entry on the Whois report is
    Domain Status: autoRenewPeriod

    from ICANN (www.icann.org) EPP Status Codes


    This grace period is provided after a domain name registration period
    expires and is extended (renewed) automatically by the registry.
    If the registrar deletes the domain name during this period,
    the registry provides a credit to the registrar for the cost of the renewal.

    And yet more on autoRenewPeriod

    This is an informative status set for a limited time after your domain's
    auto- renewal by the registry. If you do not want to keep it
    (i.e., pay the renewal fee) anymore, you should contact your registrar
    immediately to discuss what options are available.

    Therefore the site appears to be still in jeopardy, all the evidence
    so far unearthed seems to indicate that, reinforced by the fact
    that the placeholder appears to have placed the domain name for sale.
    But in practice it actually hasn't, yet. Clicking through the For Sale page
    to buy leads you to a secure(ish)renewal process, only Rick can do that.

    I will email Alejandra, possibly without much hope.
    I'm guessing that Rick McGarrey won't respond to the registered email
    because the ISP who would have registered and managed the domain
    registration would surely have automatically, and perhaps repeatedly,
    notified an imminent expiry.

    Other ideas welcome . . . .
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  18. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

    True. Could be a temporary oversight. In fact, the site may be up but the domain name registration may have lapsed. Name registration is inexpensive and shouldn't be an obstacle and you can find cheap hosting sites. The video archive isn't all that extensive in terms of size.
  19. ArbeeNYC

    ArbeeNYC Member

    Well, if the name has been registered, I'm assuming the host is down or the site is down (temporarily, I hope). Cox.net is a fairly well-established hosting site as I recall. They've been around a long time.
  20. itwillhappen

    itwillhappen Active Member

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