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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. fascination

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    yesterday: cannot remember much other than house work and doing today....grief calls and client with a buddy...home to cook for girls night: turkey chili, itln beef, rotisserie chicken turned into chicken salad....lots of types of hummus and pita, carrots and Greek salad, goat cheese and crackers, mixed berries, dessert of lemon cake or mini carrot and club soda w/lime
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  2. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Sounds yummy Fas,,,
    Yesterday, HOLY MOLY,,, 3 house yard sale. (We spent a week really going through our home and putting stuff out there).
    Posted signs, doubled checked our money and change with small bills. Ready set go!

    Little man sold all his stuff and his way too small for him bike, most of my stuff went, our neighbors had amazing stuff and it just kept coming as did the people. Hot, hot and hotter. Closed up with 80% sold, the rest is going to the VA,
    Run to the studio with little man, group class, see Pro,
    Pro suggests Hollywood Dancesport since Carribean is cancelled, hey I can drive there and No Hotel bill, yea! This was unexpected.
    Uh-oh, realize later on, crap, I’ll be hiking in the Sierra’s seeing the magnificent fall colors in Bishop and Mammoth, then compete, HERE WE GO AGAIN, didn’t I swear I wouldn’t do this again, hike, meet pro, compete. Husband laughs and walks away.
    Husband is sore sore sore but happy happy happy, less stuff, more room, seems we are prepping to move somewhere.
    Found our dream home, then argued over location (the state it was in). Hmmmmm
    Move? Don’t move. Hmmmm hmmm and hmmmmmm.
    Get out Halloween decorations, I love Halloween, always have, and start looking for our next Disney Cruise, i’m A fan now that grandson and we have taken the two night cruise, it was awesome!,,, so much fun, mention Disney Cruise around little man and his smile is ear to ear,,,, totally worth the memory making that it is.
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  3. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Have young man (we’ve been informed by HIM he is not “Little” yesterday). Create poster from our cross country trip and Disney Cruise, he actually like the entire creation to completion process.
    Went to movie.
    Spoke about Veteran’s Day with him, visited Field of Valor Flags our Rotary Club puts on every year at local JR High.
    Make decision to return to snow skiing, what with Ski Dazzle show coming up and such but don’t want to instruct.
    Young man informs me he just wants to play in snow, not snow sports, sigh.
    Head off to Zumba and 1/2 through i’m believing she thinks we’re in the Marines.
    Raise flags on our lawns for all branches of military.
    Checked out some future Christmas gifts, thinking......sewing machines for twin granddaughters in Texas. Will be teaching them to sew while we take care of their mother after her heart surgery.

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